Blonde in Leather Wayne and Ann Triskelion

Wayne and Ann Triskelion

Erotic Novels, Graphic Novels, and Artwork

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Ann and Wayne Triskelion are a husband and wife writing team from the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. They write erotica and create erotic art for enjoyment, both for themselves and for others. Sometimes playful, almost always kinky, Ann and Wayne specialize in BDSM themes as well as Paranormal, Science Fiction, and Horror scenarios.

Their bondage experience comes first hand, as they are in a master / slave relationship in the real world. Occasionally, their fiction will mirror their reality. Other times, it will be pure escapist fantasy. If you're turned on by the loss of control, taking one step over the line of your morality, sexy vampires, mad scientists with a penchant for whips and leather, or if you've ever dreamed of spanking the one you love - you're in the right place.